We invest in exceptional founders building solutions to solve real-world problems

Erised started off by supporting founders with their technological needs by helping them develop web and mobile apps faster and cheaper with the help of nocode.
After seeing what makes successful companies work firsthand, we also want to support founders with investments.
We are open to working with startups who have been developing their MVPs with Erised, as well as those who are new to Erised.

Who we are looking for

Ideally, your startup shouldn’t need investment. Your business should be profitable and the reason you are looking for funds is to help you scale what is already working
Businesses that have a clear distribution advantage meaning you have a non-linear edge in sales vs. your competitors
Businesses that target practical problems. We are not looking to invest in flying cars. We are looking to invest in practical solutions that can improve the lives of people today

What can we offer:

Cash to promote and scale your business
Our technical team and expertise to develop, maintain or upgrade your tech product
Access to our network of experts, founders and investors
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